Hot Legs

Once upon a time I had hot legs. My husband was crazy about my long lean legs. (I am 5'8 and my inseam is a 33). I like to think I lured Sergio with my mini skirts and heels. It was the eighties!
This photo was taken many years ago. Framed and sat at our bar for years. It was a gift for his 30th birthday. I was 25 and BP (before pregnancies). He loved it. But I will never forget, what he said:
"Honey, one day when you are old, you will be glad you had this made! You will look at this and remember, you use to have Hot Legs!"
It kind of pissed me off. What do you mean one day when I am old? And what makes you think I wont always have hot legs??
I am old now. I don't have hot legs anymore. They got fat, I have spider veins, and the are ugly now.
I saw this picture alittle bit earlier this evening. I remembered what he said. And I am glad I had the picture taken.
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